Learning what it means to relax in Stressless chairs on Coast Live

NORFOLK, Va. – The design gurus from Decorum Furniture in Norfolk introduce us to the latest in style and technology – Stressless chairs. And we really didn’t want to give them up.

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Sage advice for getting the look we want for our living space

Coast Live with Decorum Furniture

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Icon Bedroom Coming Soon to Decorum

Asti Bedroom Collection by Star InternationalComing soon to Decorum Furniture | The Icon Bedroom Collection by Star International.

Decorum presents Annual Design Award at CDG Conference

This years Eddie Award was presented by Robert Roman, Vice President at Decorum Furniture, at the Annual Contemporary Design Group (CDG) Conference. This prestigious award was presented to Leif Petersen for the entry of the Caruso Audio Cabinet. See link for additional information http://www.contemporarydesign.com/carusocabinet.html

Edward Haimsohn Design Award

Caruso Audio Cabinet
Winner of the 2015 Edward Haimsohn Design Award

Designed by:  Paolo Cappello
Manufactured by: Miniforms
Introduced: Il Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy April 2015
Materials:  Structure in lacquered or veneered MDF, It is equipped with a sophisticated audio system with bluetooth connection. External trumpet in ceramic, Lacquered finishes: white, pastel blue, pink coral, silk grey, dusty grey, black.  Wood finishes: vintage oak, ‘700 oak, canaletto walnutAbout: Caruso’s trumpet-shape speaker has a retro vibe while the Bluetooth connection makes it a totally modern sound system and storage cabinet.Features:  Suitable for living areas.  Structure in lacquered or veneered MDF.  It is equipped with a sophisticated audio system with bluetooth connection


Interior remodeling update!

You have to come by and see the latest changes in our Norfolk showroom…….   It is very open and gives us more room to showcase fabulous furniture!   We have lots of construction guys  finishing walls and  installing carpet this week……   It’s worth seeing the changes…..   More to follow!

Just kidding......  The remodel  is far more ahead of schedule...

Just kidding…… The remodel is far more ahead of schedule…

OUR NEWEST CHAPTER…..remodel and consolidation

We are so ecstatic as  we approach  this newest chapter in our  lives…..  As you  may have heard, we are remodeling our Norfolk Store and bringing you a better and more beautiful  store.   That means that we will be  consolidating stores and having one store best fitted you bring you the best of our signature customer service.  Our services in our Virginia Beach store will continue as usual.  We will be transitioning Virginia Beach store services in late January 2015.   Our newest location will have a new look, a new vibe and the latest in technology.  I will keep you posted!



Decorating on a Dime can be Thrilling!

Recently a friend had to relocate to the West Coast for a 2 year assignment. This created the need to furnish an apartment on a tight budget, but also wanted to keep it fun and exciting.

Gary1First step was heading for the local Furniture Store and look through the clearance department. A Comfortable sofa, pair of slipper chairs and a dresser was located and brought home. The dresser provided lots of storage space and doubles up as the Audio/Video stand. A pair of slipper chairs in a colorful print provided a fun color scheme. Second step was trips to the Thrift and Consignment stores. Here we look for very serviceable pieces of good quality and suitable to be painted. As you inspect each piece we envisioned how it would look painted in bright colors. A night stand would become an end table, a cocktail table in an ugly wood finish with carved pedestal base becomes a fun, playful cocktail table. End tables and accent table were located, all suitable to be painted.




A quick trip to the local paint store provided helpful hints as to the best way to prep each piece to be painted, and the fabric on the slipper chairs guided the color scheme. We pick bright, fun colors like sunflower yellow, teal and aqua.

As you can see in the photos the result is a fun, colorful, bright and charming living room, ready to welcome guests.


Pick your Color Scheme, Decorum Furniture can help!

Deciding on the right color scheme for your room can be stressful, or it can be fun. Let’s make it fun. As I work with customers and clients I have seen them struggle with selecting the right color scheme, and often witness the client settling for colors that feel safe. And this is where I step in and get to work, you should never settle, remember, this is something you will be living with for a long time.

So, what is the process, and how do you keep it fun and easy?

Pick up some of your favorite shelter magazines, buy them of get them from friends. Then browse through the magazines and tear out any page that remotely appeals to you. Don’t overthink it, just tear out any and everything that catch your eye. Next step is sorting your pages into types of room. If your project is decorating the bedroom, focus on the bedroom pictures, spread them out on a table or on the floor, then step back and look at this collage. There will be a common denominator, and that will be your key to the color scheme. For example you may notice that your favorites all have shades of cream and brown with soft pink accents. Or shades blue, punched up with white and yellow accents. Believe me, it will come to you.

Claus ClosetAnother method is checking out the favorites in your wardrobe. Simply take a look at your closet and the colors of your clothes. The colors you are comfortable wearing are also the colors you like to be surrounded by in your home. As you can see by the photo, I like blues, tan, cream, white and brown. I am also a fan of earth tones to include rich terra cotta shades.





Your favorite piece of artwork or your area rug could be another inspiration. If you love the painting, the colors, the different shade and hues, why not work from that?

Surya Rugs CollageYou also have an incredible resource in Pantone. Visit the website www.pantone.com for valuable information and forecast for color in the fashion industry.

A common fear or concern is that you may pick colors that are trendy, and that you will grow tired of them. But the reality is, that as long as you select colors you are comfortable with, you will be happy with your selection for a long time.

And help is available, Decorum Furniture’s staff is trained to assisting you in making the right selection!

Furniture does not need to be boring!

In today’s global Market furniture design has become so very generic. But it does not have to be that way. Many manufacturers collaborate with very talented designers and produce amazing designs with great options to customize. Working with your local Retailer like Decorum Furniture you can select fabrics, finishes and the configuration that best fits your need. How cool is that!

Now, you may think you pay a premium for that, but that is not so. Customizing your selection can be done at very effectively and be affordable with the benefit of plugging into the experience of our Designers and Sales Staff.

So, have you been to Decorum Lately! Check it out.2008HPFallMarket 169

My sofa relationship…..

B548 B594 B590

I have always wondered what people think as they are making a decision, when they are buying a sofa.  Being in the business of selling furniture makes it  pretty much… matter of fact for me…..   Not really….. Like everyone else, there is a very big emotional component attached to buying a sofa for me.. and everyone else… (one of the reasons I don’t understand buying furniture online…. just saying)

Like in all relationships…… the first thing when buying a sofa is…  What does it look like?……   Yes,  that first impression is very important….   How sexy is that sofa?   Remember we all have our own idea of what  sexy. is…..   Is it slim and seductive?  Is it fun and colorful?  Is it comfy and overstuffed?   Make sure   that you look beyond that first impression. Remember, this is a commitment!

After that first impression…… Consider what is the long term relationship going to be like?   So,  don’t be fooled by the pretty exterior….. not that pretty isn’t bad… Make sure it is comfy and makes you feel good… That  it envelops you and keeps you safe and secure. Make sure it is the right fit…..  It’s important that it fits just right into your life (and in your room).

Remember to treat it right…… Give the sofa all it needs to have a great life…… Give it the cleaning and conditioning  it needs to be beautiful.  Who wants to come home to an unkempt sofa?  Keep it in an area where it won’t  get sun damage and make sure the rest of the family treats it  with respect. ( our pooches and kitties sometimes get jealous and take it out on the sofa)

And one last thing….  Make you you provide for the sofas well being…..  getting a protection plan assures you that your sofa will be taken care of in case of an accident…..  i.e. stain or damage …


Remember….. this relationship should last a very long time…..  you just can’t kick your sofa to the curb….. unless you go with one of those sofas on craigslist.

So… what am I trying to say……  Make sure you fall in love with a sofa that is compatible with your lifestyle, and your home…

If you are ready, come by Decorum and romance the sofa of your dreams.

Have you been to Decorum lately?




My First Furniture Blog

Hello  all of my Decorum friends.

I feel so privileged to  be sharing with you the latest news and commentary as it relates to Decorum Furniture.  This is my first attempt at  blogging , so have some patience.

As we progress with our blogging, we will discuss new trends in furniture, color and design ….. I will sneak in the occasional recipe (  for those who know me  know me, you will understand …. and those who don’t….   I hope you will like them.)  Claus and I want to share with you what we see at the trade shows we attend and help you with your design perspective.

Please give me input as  to what you want to  discuss.  Tell us about your design project.  We want to hear from you.

Let’s have fun with this!DF_NLOGO4